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Static Website Development

Litost India is the leading Website development company with high end website designing experts who deliver eye-catching websites to various small as well as large businesses.  The Web Development Team at Litost India has helped hundreds of clients to solve their business problems. Our primary focus is to deliver relevant services that help you achieve your business goals.


What are Static Websites?

Static websites consists of web pages with fixed content and graphics i.e it displays the same content for every visitor. They are completely stationery with simple designs and without complex programming. These kind of websites are mostly informational. These websites do not have any database design. They are very basic and simple websites with a series of HTML files and CSS code. Static websites are best fit for the contents that rarely or never need to be updated.


Static Website services offered by Litost India

At Litost India, our well trained Static Website Design Services offer a wide range of services to satisfy our clients and solve all their business queries. Our software development company comprises of a highly qualified and talented team that designs and develops a unique and personalized website that fulfills all your requirements. Our development team and project managers offer attractive and responsive websites that provide absolute solutions to your businesses. Our design processes are deep with a lot of research on your business and its competition. Our Software development team strives to produce stunning and user-friendly content. The designs created by our Web Designing team are highly creative and appealing that educates users about your company’s goals and objectives therefore producing better results for your company.


Features and Benefits of a Static Website

  • Static Websites load faster and have better speed
  • Hosting of a static website is cheaper
  • Static websites are scalable
  • Cheap to develop hence they are very affordable
  • They are highly secured
  • Our websites are highly reliable
  • User-friendly page appearances
  • Easy to navigate
  • Browser compatibility
  • Easy to modify
  • Can be transferred quickly from server to client


The main focus of our website development team is to deliver the best solutions for your business on time. We ensure that you get good customer base and more traffic on your website. We have a great team of designers, developers and project managers to help our customers with Website designing and development services and Web Application solutions.