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Is SQL Still Useful In This Day And Age?

Hire SQL Developers

SQL is a 46 years old programming language, but it is useful even today. This is because it continues to serve a large number of people quite effectively and efficiently. There is still an overwhelming demand for SQL and hence there is a demand to hire SQL developers.

According to a survey, SQL is the third most commonly used programming language all around the world. It is popular with not just professional developers but also hobby coders. SQL is the industry standard because if there is one language that can take care of most of your programming requirements then it is SQL.

This is the reason that employers – both programming companies and business owners alike – want to hire dedicated SQL developers. Just because SQL is an old language it doesn’t necessarily mean old-fashioned. Instead, because SQL has been in use for a long time and this has made people well acquainted with the language.

It is a language that has continued to grow over the more than four decades of its existence. It keeps refreshing consistently to remain current and to be able to work with the newest technologies as they come and go.

In fact, because it is so widely known there are many code libraries, books, tutorials, along with many other resources available to the developers. This is the reason that if you hire SQL developers they will have sufficient reference material along with their own skills, to make your job a success.

At the same time, SQL has been granted standardization by the International Organisation of Standardisation. The Data Management and Interchange Committee of this organization is always active to ascertain that this programming language reaps the benefits of the standardization that it has been provided.

SQL is a simple and effective language and it is an open-source language so the SQL code is available for free. It is easy to access, modify and redistribute for its users. SQL also performs more securely compared to some other languages.

SQL is supportive of the custom-built enhancements that users may want to use. This is the reason that it is still not only useful but also popular in this day and age.


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