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Hire Swift Developers

Our IT augmentation Swift programmers are experts in creating custom iOS and macOS applications with accelerated development capabilities, simplified code syntax, forward-compatibility, and seamless migration capabilities for Objective-C code.

Enterprise Swift iOS and OS X

We develop scalable enterprise-class applications, including ERPs and CRMs, which are fast, secure, and designed for worker engagement and expedited workflows. Our OS X and iOS enterprise solutions include automated tasks programming, real-time resource sharing and communication, comprehensive management dashboards, remote access to organization networks, and simplified reports of detail-driven analytics.

Programming Swift Apps

We use Swift to develop custom Apple applications and optimize legacy apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) MacOS (Apple desktops), tvOS (Apple TV), and watchOS (Apple Watch) as well as Linux. We use Swift alongside its predecessor language, Objective C, the XCode IDE, and Cocoa frameworks. We program apps for messaging, social media, gaming, ecommerce, digital media, GPS-based services, and numerous other arenas.

Swift Development Solutions

Our iOS development solutions include comprehensive design and development lifecycle planning, robust server-side programming, graphics-driven UI/UX designs, compatibility maintenance, database management, App Store deployment, continuous integration, unit testing, debugging, and modern feature integration. We design apps with a focus on code security, data integrity, and error handling.

Swift Migration and Integration

Our Swift programmers are experts with the programming language's seamless interoperability, initialized values, unified files, clear syntax, rapid LLVM compiling, pre-initialized values, string interpolation, and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) across all APIs. Our expert developers use Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks to synchronously program Swift and Objective C classes, APIs, and design patterns

Programming with Swift Development Tools


We harness the power of the Alcatraz package manager to add unique color schemes, templates, and plugins to Apple applications. We also create custom extensions and publish them to Alcatraz's repository.


We utilize JetBrains' AppCode Smart IDE to rapidly develop Swift apps. We use AppCode because it offers superior refactoring and code completion and integrates well with C, Objective C, and C++.


Engineering of a wide variety of iOS and OS X apps with the hugely customizable Atom text editor. Atom comes packaged with thousands of feature-driven libraries designed to help create unique, robust apps.


We program and manage Apple applications with elegantly interfaced Swift and Objective C code using the CocoaPods dependency manager. CocoaPods offers seamless version management and automated XCode integration.


Asynchronous programming of iPhone, iPad, and MacOS apps using RxSwift's functional reactive programming methodology, helpful database extensions, and timed sequence operators.


Leveraging of Apple's native XCode IDE and iOS SDK for building performance-driven iOS code with full syntax highlighting, improved editor extensions, and auto-generated Quick Help documentation.