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Digital Visiting Card

At Litost India, we have years of experience in serving businesses. Our company has helped businesses establish their brand and develop a good online presence. We provide solutions in the following fields, Software Development, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Creative Designing, Integration, 2D and 3D videos etc. Our company has a qualified team who are experts and professionals in each of these fields. We ensure high quality and timely delivery of our services.


What are Digital Visiting cards?

Digital visiting card is different from the general visiting card. It is created via a mobile app or a website. It is a digital card and hence can be shared over the internet. It is not a physical card. They are a staple of the corporate and professional world. Digital business cards are easy to share and show all your contact details in one convenient view. They help you connect with more potential clients and customers. They are basically a single shareable file that comprises of all your contact details. You may run out of a physical business card but never a digital card because they are always available.


Digital Visiting Card Services provided By Litost India

We are experts in creating smart digital visiting cards for your businesses. We have a specialized creative designing team who are dedicated towards creating smart cards for your business that convey every detail about your brand to your customers. Our digital visiting cards are simple, elegant and affordable. You can update you Digital visiting card any time you want with a user friendly interface.


Advantages of Digital Visiting card service by Litost India

  • Easy to update
  • Consists of all your contact details
  • Comprises of your social media links
  • Very affordable
  • Great first impression
  • Time saving
  • Helps in developing contacts
  • Available at all times
  • Build healthy relationships with your customers
  • Our designs are simple, elegant and attractive


Digital cards are very much convenient and easy to share as compared to physical business cards. Your smart digital visiting cards are available at all times. A good digital visiting card will include all your contact details as well as links to your social media pages. In this way you attract more customers which increases traffic on your website and followers on your social media pages. If you are looking for elegant E-Card designs then we are here to help you in every way.