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Fax Gateway

Litost India is one of the best company when it comes to digital marketing, software development, web designing, social media marketing, integrations, 2D and 3D video creation and animations etc. Our strategies have proven to be the best for your business as we have helped a number of businesses solve their issues and concerns. At Litost India we have a highly qualified and professional team that comprises of Software Developers, Web Designers, creative designers, graphics designers, Marketing experts, Project managers and Testers etc. They ensure high quality services with timely delivery and customer satisfaction.


What is Fax Gateway?

Fax gateways that enables businesses to send and receive fax online securely, anytime, anywhere from any device. Fax gateways help to improve a company’s communication system. It provides fax to email and email to fax conversion. It is a great way to communicate with customers and build healthy relationship. Integrate fax gateways in your business for better function of your communication systems.


Fax Gateway services provided by Litost India

Litost India offers clients a fax gateway, which is designed to improve the communication system by making it more efficient and competitive. We provide user friendly softwares that can be easily integrated and gets adapted quickly. Our software suits your business well and provides better results with improved sales and more brand awareness. Our Fax gateway suits every organization ranging from small to big, it suits all your needs and requirements giving you a great platform to communicate with your customers.


Advantages of Fax Gateway service provided by Litost India

  • Improved and better communication with your customers
  • Results in increased sales
  • Enhances the security of your faxes
  • Improves your regulatory compliance
  • Effective and efficient communication system
  • Cost effective
  • Hassle free
  • Leaves a good impact on customers
  • Highly reliable


We carefully understand your business concerns and accordingly customize services that best fits all your needs and challenges. Our services come packed with reliability and security. With the ever rising competition in the market and complex technologies, organizations or companies face various challenges. Business require a single reliable source for their key data. If your system is not well aligned, it consumes time to manage everything. We at Litost India adopt new technologies that help overcome complicated software integration challenges. Our team provides professional integration solutions for applications and systems, keeping in mind your requirements.