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Language Converter API

Litost India is one of the most trusted Software Development Company because we help your business succeed online. The Software Development and Designing team is highly skilled and qualified. Our team provides your business with every kind of solution related to Softwares, Websites, Digital marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile app development, 2D and 3D video creation, Animations, Integrations etc. We at Litost India serve as a foundation for your online business, we help you establish your brand and grow. Our prime focus is to create awareness about your brand and customer satisfaction.


What is a Language Converter API?

Organizations today, rely totally on innovative technology to grow and compete in the global marketplace. A language converter is simply a translator that translates text of one language to another. It basically converts text into a language that your customer understand as different regions and cultures communicate in different languages. Globalization is increasing and therefore there is a need for development of translation services to remove language barriers for effective communication between people.


Language Converter API service provided by Litost India

Litost India develops interactive API’s that help business manage their work. Our language translator API’s supports more than 90 languages and can translate separate words or complete text. Litost India adapts to new technologies that help overcome complicated software integration challenges. We bind various software components together to function as a whole. With our integrated software system, companies improve productivity and communicate more efficiently.


Advantages of a Language Converter API at Litost India

  • Increase in company’s revenue
  • Increased customer’s confidence in your brand
  • Quick translation
  • Better customer engagement
  • Boost productivity of your employees
  • Increased sales
  • Delivers information in multiple languages
  • Highly interactive


With the existence of so many languages around the globe, it is important to integrate language translators for effective and smooth communication with your customers. People in certain region might not be able to understand the original language, a language translator will help them go through it. This helps in increasing sales for your company and build a good relationship with your customers. Trust Litost India for all such concerns. Our team delivers cost-effective solutions that are consistent, innovative and result oriented. Integrated systems helps in managing business processes better. Our team of professionals and experts customize, design, develop and integrate softwares for our clients which produce exceptional returns for them.