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Landing Page Website

Litost India is the leading software development company. Our Web development team provides all the related services to our clients. Our company comprises of highly talented, professional and expert employees who strive hard to satisfy our clients and fulfill all their requirements. Our development team provides solutions to all kinds of business concerns related to software development and digital marketing and ensure that your brand stands out amongst other in the global marketplace. We have a huge family of happy and satisfied clients.


What are landing page websites?

Landing page is basically the page that the user wants. They address exactly what the user clicked or what the users expect to see. Such websites have a single goal i.e promotion. They spread awareness about your brand and its products and services. Landing pages are static pages that serve as a door to the website. These websites have a single purpose, message and a single call to action.


Landing Page Website service offered by Litost India

Landing page is a standalone page which is different from your homepage. It is the page that a customer ‘lands on’ after clicking on the ad in short, they act as a bridge between the ad and the brand. Our Landing page website helps increase your conversion rates, grow and reach and engagement. They carry, introduce and guide the user through your website, and ensure that the user is in the right place. They track your user and using that data they improve user experience. Landing page website consists of visuals which educates the user about your business. The websites developed by our web development team leads customers to a specific product or offer on your website and encourages them to take the action. This way it helps in building customer base.


Features of our Landing Page Website

  • We have a team of professionals who provide the best of services to our clients.
  • Automatic SEO optimization
  • Our websites include live chat widget
  • Marketing automation
  • They have the feature of auto responding
  • Email marketing
  • They are focused and free of distraction
  • They focus on supporting your business goals
  • They generate and track data and insights
  • Increases credibility
  • Improve brand awareness


Why choose Litost India for your business

At Litost India, your ideas are brought to life. You imagine and we develop is how we function. Our software development team firstly analyzes and understand the overall functioning of your business and then understands your concerns and requirements.