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Hire Scala Developers

We use Scala programming language to develop predictive "cognitive" data response (artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning) software solution. Scala is interoperable with Javascript, Apache Spark and SQL-like databases.

Scala Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Modification

LitostIndia makes use of the Scala language to integrate the AI software as well as Machine learning tools in your programming software. We have expertise in configuring a language process to improve the user behavior analytics. Integrating AI and machine learning will provide you predictive modeling with applicable "cognitive" data responses during queries.

Scala Database Modification

Software deployment done with the use of Scala language at ListostIndia for carrying out scripting of huge data analysis and reporting that ensures enhanced speed. We make use of Scala programming language to build databases and pipelines in Apache Spark. We ensure to configure, implement and deploy library in Scala language for SQL-like database software modifications to speed reporting capabilities and data storage.

Scala Game Development Configuration

ListostIndia configures the Scala language to build and transform the gaming apps for both desktop and mobile apps. We work closely to configure your mobile and desktop. Scala usually makes JavaScript tools very easy and simple to use. Through Scala language we help modify your streaming capabilities which results in optimal performance speed of the existing software.

Scala Social Media App Modification Development

ListostIndia helps in intergrating Scala into a social network for instant optimization of streaming speed and messaging abilities. We ensure to configure modification that are enterprise-level right into your social media apps, by making use of our scala language tool and robust systems.

Akka: It is a high performing streaming kit used by ListostIndia, that assists in building messaging applications in Scala.

Apache Kafka: This is similar to the EMS written in the Scala.

Apache Spark: It is a framework used with SQL database tools as well as development used by ListostIndia.

Finch: This is the software that is in Scala language and enables APIs to be used in messaging app development.

Lift: This is a secure platform that is used for application developing.

Mesosphere Chaos: ListostIndia uses this lightweight framework for integrating the REST services using Scala Language.

Play: This is another lightweight framework. It helps in app speed and scalability.

Scala. JS: It is designed for JavaScript Development

Scalatra: This is usually used by ListostIndia to develop both mobile and web APIs in Scala Language.

Areas of Expertise: Scala Environments & Libraries…


Akka is a reactive high-performance data streaming toolkit for building and deploying, message-driven applications in the Scala language.

Apache Hadoop

The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that enables Scala developers to distribute and process clusters of data sets.

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a real-time, high-performance streaming open-source software platform similar to an EMS written in the Scala Language.

Apache Spark

Apache Sparke is a cluster-computing framework used with SQL database analytical tools and development written in Scala.


Finch is written is Scala and enables high performance APIs to be used in message driven application development.


Lift is a secure interactive framework used for app development written jn Scala.

Mesosphere Chaos

Mesosphere Chaos is an easy to use lightweight framework for writing REST services using the Scala language.


Play is a very popular Open-source web framework application that is following model view controller architecture patterns. Basically, it is written in Scala but it can also be used in other programming languages like JVM Bytecode.


Scala.js provides interoperability of the Scala language with environments designed for JavaScript development


Scalatra is a micro-framework used for server-side development and creating mobile and web APIs in the Scala language.