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Payment Gateway

Litost India is one of the leading software development companies in India with years of experience in providing all kinds of technical and web solutions. We offer services like software development, social media marketing, digital marketing, integrations, web, development, creative designing, animations etc. We have been serving business since 2015 and have helped brands establish and grow successfully. Our prime focus is to achieve customer satisfaction and help them solve their business concerns related to web development.


What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment gateway enables customers or buyers to make online payments. It securely accepts credit/debit card payments in real time. It is a hassle free procedure and is very convenient for both, buyer as well as the seller. Online payments are very easy and time saving, within seconds you send or receive your payment without being physically present. People today prefer online payments as they find it very easy and convenient. Therefore it is important for business to include payment gateway methods on their websites.


Payment Gateway services provided by Litost India

Integration of payment gateway into softwares allows your website to accept online payment. Online payments are swift and convenient. We develop automated integrated systems for easy handling of your valuable data by combining different software parts into one system. This allows you to organize your work and avoid data loss and inconsistency. Every single person today is using online payment method to send or receive payments. Our strategies have proven to simplify the process of receiving payments through various payment methods. We ensure safe and secured transactions, your data is highly secured with us.


Advantages of Payment gateway integration service at Litost India

  • Custom Payment solutions
  • Automatic recurring bill options
  • Authentication
  • Fast transaction process
  • Highly secured and safe transactions
  • Convenient
  • Expanded customer base
  • Easy checkout
  • Fraud management system


With our years of experience in providing complete web solutions, we provide reliable and customized services to suit your business. API’s today, are a critical element. We at Litost India adopt new technologies that help overcome complicated software integration challenges. We consider the most appropriate solution ensuring your business needs. We ensure complete data integrity, saving time and cost of the company or the organization. We provide faster, reliable, secure and cost effective solutions. Build your online presence with Litost India. We have a highly qualified team to help you with all your business concerns.