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Hire Objective-C Developers

At Litost India we have most of the apps that are used on mainly Apple platforms like iPad, Mac Computers, iPhones, Apple Watches and iMessages. We used various types of tools like Cocoa Pods, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, iSwift, MacOS, WatchOS, QuartzCode etc.

Apple Platform Objective C Configuration

We at ListostIndia have programmer custom native apps that can help deploy to all Apple platforms such as iPads (iOS), Mac computers (macOS), iPhones, Apple Watches (watchOS), and iMessage. We have experts who have great experience in programming using Objective C configuration that help create all kinds of custom platform as well as web applications that do not let the performance to degrade or API of any Apple apps.

Enterprise Objective C Application Deployment

ListostIndia has world-class software developers with high expertise and experience in developing industry-specific iOS apps. Programmers' at ListostIndia use high-tech knowledge related to standards and regulations, and the modification configurations is written by them in clean-script. Our experts specialize in the field of gaming, media, hospitality, payments, e-learning, banking, and finance. We provide enterprise-grade Objective C development that includes the use of robust security system as well as reliable connectivity. We are an expert configuring your App Store deployment and also assist you in Search Engine management for better and higher search visibility.

Objective C Software Modification Services

The Objective C developers at ListostIndia have a wide specialization in app modification services. The configuration services that we provide include native UI/UX design, comprehensive server engineering, feature modernization as well as custom implementations. Our experts are apple-certified and can configure messaging apps alongside the integration of programming language for moving the objective c to other swift apps and software.

Areas of Expertise: Objective-C Environments & Libraries…


ListoIndia uses the native iOS apps that are written on Objective C and change them to ARM as well as x86 machine code to be used on Android devices apps.

Cocoa Pods

We at ListostIndia aim to bring together both native iOS apps with Swift and Objective C, and convert legacy Objective C apps to Swift code.

Cocoa Touch

Cocoa Touch used by ListostIndia helps improve your app performance. Cocoa Touch is the app development framework for both OS X and iOS.

Core Data

Core Data framework assists an application’s access to data offline.  It also allows the editing to be done on the user's application from Swift to Objective-C.


This iSwift tool used by ListostIndia assists in migrating of Objective C to Swift using iSwift's conversion tools.


ListostIndia integrates Objective C programming language on the Apple mac Computers to be able to customize modifications of software.


This framework system is used by ListostIndia to design a clean and customized graphics for iOS apps with the help of core animator app.


Configuring tvOS within the Xcode environment in Objective C file is a software configuration solution we use in Apple App deployment.


ListostIndia’s expert developers make use of the WatchKit extension to intergrate the watchOS app in Objective C.