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Hire JavaScript Developers

You can now hire Javascript developers remotely by getting in touch with Litost India through this website. We have a team of intelligent and creative Javascript developers who will provide you with a one-stop solution for anything you need that requires this language.

It is considerably easy to hire Javascript developers and the reason is not exactly an abundance in the market. It requires proper planning and strategy building with the help of which you will be able to hire these professionals.

If you wish to know why we claim to have one of the best teams of Javascript developers then we can show you our portfolio. This will give you an insight into the unmatched skills and expertise of our team which really works as a team. So when you hire Javascript developers from us then we can assure you regarding the success of your project.

We understand that once a client comes to us to hire Javascript developers, we should be able to exceed their expectations. Only then can we do justice to the trust that our clients put in us after gauging our expertise by looking at our portfolio.

We don’t just cater to Indian companies, instead, we have a global reach so that you don’t have to worry about geographical or political boundaries.

JavaScript UI Development

Engaging content on a website is quite necessary the user interface should be friendly so that it can be operated easily. That’s why we enhanced the design and the functionality of the web services by adding some powerful JavaScript features like proper alignment, elegant menu, embed audios and videos, templates, and many other things. The checkboxes and buttons can be operated easily with our best performance on JavaScript language.

JavaScript Web Development Services

We also work on optimizing web services with JavaScript and this optimization includes web servers, portals, custom frameworks, custom plugins, content management systems, we are also developing end-to-end services with the only JavaScript and are integrated with server-side languages.

Programming JavaScript Applications

We are developing JavaScript applications for native and web applications that are responsive and have high performance. It will also be able to handle huge traffic in real time. We are implementing these JavaScript solutions with some e-commerce and CMS plugins, tailored prototyping, and real-time business analysis.

Areas of Expertise: JavaScript Environments & Libraries…

Angular JS

We are creating single-page page applications with the Angular JS framework. As it helps in improving the functionality of HTML attributes, which will be very helpful for the users.

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is a popular and open-source mobile app development framework that is always helpful in  JavaScript app development.


Aurelia is a very simple and flexible framework that allows single-page page web apps to support versatile data binding and the best client-side routing.


Babylon.JS is also a popular framework that is mainly used for 3D games and apps. We are using JavaScript Babylon.JS with HTML5, WebVR, WebXR, and Web Audio.


Backbone is a lightweight framework that mainly helps us in reducing the dependency on DOM single-page apps. We use this framework because it can be easily customizable will be very helpful in event binding.


Bootstrap.JS is a tool kit that helps us in building responsive and move-first websites. It will require the front-end component library for the JavaScript to start its functionality.


Dojo's full-stack toolkit implantation for cross-platform development of high-traffic website. Dijit UI framework, advanced class system, and modular JS library.


Eclipse is a popular JavaScript-based tool that provides the plugins for IDE support. The features of this tool are powerful and it aids with front-end automation.


Electron.JS is a popular framework that is mainly used by us to build cross-platform web and mobile apps with integrated APIs. It will also intuitive crash reporting functions that will be helpful for the users. 


Ember is a popular rendering engine that is mainly used for the best templates and UI/UX designs. It is mainly used for single-page web apps for mobile and desktop.


Gson is a library that we use at the time of deserialization to convert the Java objects back and forth into the JavaScript Object Notation.


JQuery is also a library that we are using for animation, AJAX calls, and all the document management process to provide the best and scalable cross-platform apps for the users.


We are using the Knockout framework to prepare compatible and high-performance websites with the proper architecture.


Lodash utility software enhances the JavaScript environment by simplifying number, array, object and string manipulations.


Meteor.js' full-stack JavaScript framework and customizable packages allows for rapid, cross-platform development and prototyping of real-time apps.


We are creating some mobile applications and high-end websites for Mrithli using their JavaScript library. We are using this framework for fast routing, effective data binding, and some eye-catching templates.


Moment.js allows display dates and times in JavaScript. We parse, validate and manipulate "time" in the browser and in Node.js. effortlessly with Moments.


We programming dynamic web apps with accelerated data retrieval using server-side scripts written with Node.js' runtime environment and event-driven architecture.


We are using the Polymer framework while building progressive apps. We leverage Web components and other service worker scripts with a Polymer smaller framework.


React framework will be very helpful for the users to improve the performance of the website. We are using it to make the user interface for mobile apps attractive.


We are using the Vue.JS framework for single-page web apps to build the best API with an amazing user interface and declarative rendering.