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B2B Portal Development

Every business needs a strong presence online to compete with the others in the market and stand out amongst them. Litost India is a well-known Portal development company providing a wide range of services to our clients across the globe. Basically our portal system gathers information from various sources into a single user interface in a uniformed manner. Our portal systems replicate the look and feel of your business and you get greater control on your day to day activities. Our professional team strictly follows the Portal Development life cycle to serve our customers while adhering to the community guide lines and conditions.

Portal Development Life Cycle

  1. Architecture
  2. Development
  3. Staging
  4. Production

We develop innovative, high quality and efficient systems that are long lasting and satisfies the needs and requirements of our client. Our systems are reliable, scalable, secure and robust with easy access. Portal systems provide multiple advantages to your business such as improved inter-business communications, sharing data in an effective manner, interactive user-interface, sleek and streamlined and optimized costs. Such systems help you organize and market your products and services because we develop systems that consists of well-designed and appealing interface and customized API’s.


Our team at Litost India provides excellent solutions for functional extensions and enhancements which eventually leads to the growth of your business. Such portal systems bridge gaps between customers, applications, data and employees. Our custom-designed portal systems help in improving user experience and user interaction for your business’s website. Our services are tailored to suit your business requirements.

Technologies Used

  1. J2EE
  2. .NET
  3. WSRPs
  4. MySQL
  5. AJAX

Benefits of our portal system

  • Interactive functionality
  • Secured access points
  • Enhanced Awareness
  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Superior Customer support
  • More sales
  • Automates business processes

Portal Development Services offered

We provide you with all kinds of portal development services such as:

  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • Real Estate Portal Development
  • Travel Portal Development
  • B2B Portal Development
  • B2C Portal Development
  • News Portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development

Litost India has designed and delivered many portal systems over the years and have received appreciation from our clients. Our services are made to custom-fit your specific business needs. We specialize in creating user-friendly and easily accessible portal systems completed and delivered right on time. Our team of experts ensure excellent results time after time.

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