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Integrations Service

With the ever rising competition in the market and complex technologies, organizations or companies face various challenges. Business require a single reliable source for their key data. If your system is not well aligned, it consumes time to manage everything. We at Litost India adopt new technologies that help overcome complicated software integration challenges. We bind various software components together to function as a whole. Our team provides professional integration solutions for applications and systems, keeping in mind your requirements.

As a result of increasing advances in automation technology, system integration is becoming more important for easy management of your business. We develop automated integrated systems for easy handling of your valuable data by combining different software parts into one system. This allows you to organize your work and avoid data loss and inconsistency. API’s today, are a critical element. We consider the most appropriate solution ensuring your business needs.

We our integrated software system, companies improve productivity and communicate more efficiently. With such integrated systems, data transfer takes place quickly, while ensuring complete data integrity, saving time and cost of the company or the organization. We provide faster, reliable, secure and cost effective solutions.



  • You can easily access your data across platforms.
  • Effective collaboration with customers
  • Synchronization of Data
  • Seamless integration between systems
  • Improved data utilization
  • Elimination of Redundant data
  • Boost productivity of your employees
  • Increased sales
  • Lower IT costs


Services offered by Litost India


This platform provides the most comprehensive service for better client engagement. It is a well-defined interface which allows you to quickly send an SMS.


Fax Gateway

Our Softwares have Fax gateways that enables businesses to send and receive fax online securely, anytime, anywhere from any device. Makes communication easier with your customers.


Google Map

 We integrate Google maps into your systems in order to decrease navigation friction as they provide comprehensive location data.


Payment Gateway

Integration of payment gateway into softwares allows your website to accept online payment. Online payments are swift and convenient.


GPRS Printers

GPRS Printers offer flexibility and efficiency to all employees and operate on multiple platforms.


Our team delivers cost-effective solutions that are consistent, innovative and result oriented. Integrated systems helps in managing business processes better. Organizations today, rely totally on innovative technology to grow and compete in the global marketplace. Our team of professionals and experts customize, design, develop and integrate softwares for our clients which produce exceptional returns for them.