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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is becoming more popular day by day, progressing rapidly and it is the most useful marketing strategy. Create your social media identity with Litost India. We effectively use all the social media platforms for the promotion of your product or services. They provide an essential bridge between businesses and their consumers.

Our social media marketing strategies helps in creating a strong brand identity on social media, helps you reach the right customers and improve your sales. Social media marketing has various benefits like,

increased brand awareness and traffic, Increase in sales, improved search engine rankings, helps you understand your audience, cost effective, educates people about your products and services, better customer satisfaction, build good relations with your customers and connections with influencers, leaders, reporters etc.

Our web development marketing team will help you get identified at events and get media attention.

We create the most attractive and interactive content for all the social media channels. Social media gives a great touch to your brand, you not only connect with people but also serve them at a higher level.

Services offered

  • Strategy planning
  • Channel-specific services
  • Profile creation and branding
  • Content creation
  • Publishing the content
  • Research work
  • Campaign management

Social Media marketing platforms


Whatsapp is a very commonly used application by people around the globe. It is one of the easiest and fastest mode of communication. Its helps you increase brand awareness, share marketing messages etc.


Using Instagram, you are easily able to interact with your customers by sharing videos and pictures of your products and services. It improves your brand’s visibility.


Using LinkedIn, we help your hire new employees, build new networks and explore new people, expand your business, target the right audience etc.


If you want to reach your audience is a new way then we have Pinterest for you. It is a platform for sharing visuals and multimedia and has a number of users, therefore you can easily reach your target audience.


Tumblr provides various opportunities to build and grow your brand presence. It’s a platform that’s growing actively with millions of active users.


Youtube as a social media marketing platform has a numerous advantages. With youtube, we help you reach millions of customers across the globe.


With Facebook, you can quickly grow brand awareness and traffic. You are offered various alternative way to reach out to your audience.